Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are substances used to improve facial volume by augmenting deep facial lines, filling contour depressions, or enhancing lips. It is a non surgical procedure therefore allowing minimal downtime and recovery. It does not eliminate sagging skin. Furthermore, all fillers do slowly dissolve over time depending on the type of fillers and rate of absorption by the patient’s body. Thus it will require regularly injections to maintain desired effects. Many patients use them to bridge the time before requiring surgical rejuvenation. They are also used in conjunction with Botox, chemical peels and skin care regimen to further enhance youthfulness. Dr Vu will evaluate each patient carefully before recommending specific fillers. If you are considering dermal fillers, please contact Dr Vu for a complimentary consultation.

  • Temporary Fillers
    • Human fat (AKA Autologous fat) – This procedure is more invasive since fat is harvested from the patient’s own body. A small area of liposuction is needed and fat is extracted and grafted to new site. Some portion of fat grafted will not survive and thus dissolve over time. Dr Vu will overcorrect areas to accommodate for the resorption. The procedure will take longer than using manufacturers made dermal fillers. The main advantages are large volume can be used and patient’s own tissue being used.
    • Hyaluronic acid (HA) – made from same substance the body produces thus no reaction ( Juvéderm, Prevelle, Restylane).
    • Calcium hydroxylapatite – made up of calcium-based microspheres used to fill deeper lines and defects (Radiesse, Radiance).
    • Polylactic acid – a synthetic material used to enhance collagen production ( Sculptra, New-Fill)
  • Semi-Permanent
    • PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate) – microspheres used to treat medium-to-deep lines reportedly longer lasting ( Articol, Artefill)

The Procedure

Dr Vu will discuss your desires and advise you which fillers will work best. His advice is to use appropriate amount of fillers since you can always add more but you cannot easily remove if overinjected. This is especially true in the lip region where too much fillers can be aesthetically unattractive and unnatural. The areas to be injected will be marked and cleansed. Local nerve blocks and /or topical anesthetic might be used prior to filler injection to make you more comfortable. The procedure generally takes 15-30 minutes. An ice pack is placed afterwards for minor discomfort and swelling. Essentially you will have no downtime with injections.

Dermal fillers can soften facial creases, plump thin upper and lower lips, enhance shallow contours, and improve wrinkles

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